Viewing my art work.

Viewing my art work.

Kaleidoscope Participatory Art Project


Is been delivered in eight Mencaps Partnership Homes around Nottinghamshire.

The Funding

Is granted aided by Nottinghamshire County Council and supported by Mencap.


By Mencap’s dedicated Activity Coordinator Tina Tew.

Participatory Artist

Annette Waterfield

I am the Participatory Artist with the desirer, experience and motivation to deliver accessible creativity to adults with Learning Disabilities and adults with Profound Multiple Disabilities.



email; annette.waterfield@ntlworld.com


Mencaps Activity Coordinator

Tina Tew

email; Tina.Tew@mencap.org.uk


Designed and Made by?

The kaleidoscope was inspired by me and made by my skilful husband David – thank you.


“wow!  Its so simple an idea that works – look at him smile at his spinning picture”.

“I can’t believe a toy from my childhood creates such wonderful moments for the people we support”.

“my picture looks like floating clouds by a passing mountain”.


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