Thanks for making awesome moments take place.

Tina reminded me that – an aim I contributed to the initial funding application was to create awe and wonder 

and that we had witnessed it in abundance on the faces of people we have worked with  throughout the kaleidoscope project.

I like to thank all the people in Mencap’s partnership homes for facilitating these awesome moments.   It can’t be easy to have the daily routines of homes changed to accommodate an Artist with a Kaleidoscope contraption (and paint) and a passion for wanting to make creativity to be accessible to people with Learning Disabilities and with PMLD.

Thank you for sharing enthusiastically in the Kaleidoscope Art Project. I learnt Mencap’s support staff all over Nottinghamshire have joyful smiles in common, thank you for sharing them.

Thank you to all the people who took part for giving it a go and allowing me to develop my understanding of delivering an accessible creative project.

I like to thank Tina for seeing the potential in my ideas and trusting me to deliver with sensitively in peoples homes. Our relationship grow from  strength to strength – with lots of valued conversations. ta alot!

We must acknowledge the financial support of Nottingham County Council from the Arts development grants for funding this Kaleidoscope project, thank you for making awesome moments happen.

Annette Waterfield Participatory Artist

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