Workshop roleplay

We started the sessions with a welcoming drink and the showing of the film made at Rufford Arts Centre of the PWS taking part in creativity with their Support Workers.

Followed by this Roleplay exercise.

JULY 2014

AIM: to acknowledge, encourage, support and inspire through creative training, the importance of the support workers role in enabling quality creative activities to take place with the people they support.

Role Play
Aim: to develop an understanding of the role of support worker as the creative facilitator.
Four people
1. Person they support (PTS)/service user.
2. Support worker.
3. Observer.
4. 2nd – Person they support (PTS) /service user.

The creative activity involves using sensory dough.

1. PTS – limited communication skills a few words
YES, NO and signs thumbs up. They can move all their limbs.

2. Support worker is to get the most out of this creative activity with the PTS using sensory dough, by giving verbal encouragement. Giving no physical support. Keeping their hands behind their back.

3. 2nd Support worker is to give verbal and physical support using one hand – the other arm is behind their back.

4. Observer role is to make notes to help give back positive feedback valuing the role of the support workers and their abilities to make creativity take place.

A special morning with Support Workers and the People they Support.

A special morning with Support Workers and the People they Support.

hands behind my back

wot no hands!

wot no hands!

guide me


  • The value of the roleplay at the beginning of the session proved to be a ‘getting to know one another ‘ opportunity.
  •  Rubber stamping the importance of ‘encouragement’ in the Support Worker’s role as a creative facilitator.
  • Discovering Sensory Dough and how yummy it is to explore – play with.

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