Second visit – spinning the disc

Spinning the paintings.On our first visit to mencaps homes we observed how much pleasure people took from spinning the disc with the paintings on.  I observed that it appears to be the men who engaging in spinning the disc the most. “Boys and toys – of course”!

Sawley drive (21)

Two men who are blind, that live in different homes, indulged the joy of spinning the wheel of the kaleidoscope.  They both quickly became skillful at controlling the speed of the disc.

When the disc is turned too fast the pattern is hard to focus on.  When the pattern stops moving you can focus on tiny parts of the pattern better.  When the disc is turned slowly the moving pattern is awesome.

Sawley drive (20)

On occasions the viewer was able to verbally communicate and ask for the disc to be turned at different speeds. FASTER… slower…stop…go.

A great spinner.

A great spinner.

JA Makes it spinA celebration of spinning.


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